PAFC Certification

PAFC certification

PAFC is the forest certification system that certifies good forest management and the traceability of wood and forest products from sustainably managed forests in Gabon. 

All PAFC-certified forest products have been verified throughout their supply chains from origin to final destination.

This certification system has been developed and is managed by the PAFC Gabon association.

596 800 hectares of certified forests
2 500 customers trust us for their forestry activity


  • The PAFC Gabon certification scheme was recognized by PEFC International in 2009, allowing PAFC Gabon certified wood to be identified internationally under the PEFC label
  • Access to key markets around the world while protecting forest resources
  • Improving consumer confidence in products

  • Obtain a strong lever to differentiate your forest products and improve your brand image.


  • We act as an independent third party through our accreditations (FSC™, COFRAC,...)
  • We have a long experience in the certification of forest management systems and product handling companies certified under different schemes (FSC™, PEFC...etc.) including PAFC Gabon.
  • We can meet your needs worldwide through our extensive network​​​​​​
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