The whole African economic growth requires effective transportation infrastructure. Bureau Veritas supports construction of road, rail, air and port infrastructure that’s built to last.



Companies and operators specializing in transport construction are charged with building complex infrastructures. Whether working on a road, rail, port or airport project, industry players need to achieve their investment objectives while ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. Adhering to strict regulations, they must design infrastructure that will last long—often beyond its originally intended lifespan. This makes maintenance and asset integrity two key concerns.


By offering a complete range of services, we assist you in developing transport infrastructure that is cost-effective and built for the long term. We make sure that existing transport infrastructure is effectively maintained to offer end users safe transport and travel.

We respond to clients’ needs across a vast spectrum of transportation infrastructure projects, working throughout the value chain.

  • Airports
    With airport construction and expansion on the rise, our wide range of airport services helps facilitate the daily movement of millions of passengers every day. From effective construction project management to design and construction supervision, we help you optimize the safety of airport assets in an increasingly demanding regulatory environment.
  • Ports
    Transportation by sea plays a vital role in the global economy. Our services optimize safety and support your port infrastructure projects. We conduct safety and equipment inspections certification, statutory inspections of lifting equipment, and project management. Bureau Veritas is also a leading marine classification society, and provides port-related services such as container certification
  • Rail infrastructure
    Rail providers need to meet a variety of safety, regulatory, and logistical demands.Our Independent Checking Engineers (ICE) provide technical oversight of design and construction activities and compliance with requirements. Other services include third-party verification (including technical oversight of design and construction), periodic inspections, and certification of equipment and management systems.  
  • Road Assets
    Safe and reliable roads and bridges require solid construction, quality components and the technical expertise of a trusted partner. We work side by side with construction companies to offer integrated technical assistance, from the tender phase through design and construction, including independent design checking (IDC) of all construction facets. Our services help you assess materials, manage projects, test for safety and impact, and achieve certification.



The high contract value of infrastructure projects makes bribery a major risk. Bureau Veritas provides employee training in anti-bribery management, and certification to ISO 37001 standard, which provides a structured approach to identifying, evaluating, analyzing and mitigating bribery risks within public and private organizations.