Clarity by bureau veritas: bring transparency and 
credibility to ESG commitments

Large corporations and SMEs deal with increasing public scrutiny regarding their sustainability policies. Beyond financial performance and ability to innovate, companies are now measured on their positive impact on people and planet.

Leveraging its global footprint, in more than 140 countries, and unique capability to gather information through on-the-ground assessments, Bureau Veritas created Clarity to help decision makers manage the implementation of organizations’ sustainability roadmaps.

Clarity: manage esg roadmaps and monitor the progress of sustainability strategies

With clarity, Bureau Veritas supports you across a wide spectrum of topics, from social, health & safety, environment, biodiversity, climate change, business ethics and responsible sourcing to animal welfare, energy efficiency and waste management.
Through this new suite of solutions, part of the BV Green Line of services and solutions, BV will assess your ESG maturity level, displaying the observations made during audits into actionable aggregated scores available in a digital dashboard. It relies on a 4-steps approach:

  • Field audits or self-assessment questionnaires

Clarity is supported by a user-friendly digital process that offers a great modularity. The assessments can be either performed by auditors sent directly on the field or through online questionnaires sent to the entities you want to evaluate. In both case, the provided information is independently verified by Bureau Veritas. This cost-efficient combination allows to carry out reviews at global level in complex value chains with a great simplicity. You can thus assess your assets, internal sites and/or suppliers following the Clarity ESG checklists.

  • A systematic scoring

The observations made in the first step are systematically aggregated in scores reflecting the level of maturity of an entity against a specific sustainability concern.

  • A digital dashboard (“MyRadar”)

MyRadar centralizes all your assessments results and audit reports, allowing you to visualize your results, and sort out your value chain’s non-conformities by topic, geography and level of criticality in one click. The visualization of the scores’ breakdown at a granular level is key to understand your performance.

  • Steering your ESG strategy

Based on the visualization of your results and scores on MyRadar, you can focus on the correction of your critical non-conformities to improve your performance year after year and draw up new targets to reach.



A modular approach to focus on various areas of sustainability

Clarity has a modular approach that allows you to focus on various areas of sustainability. Bureau Veritas ESG checklists are of two types:

  • Our cross-industry modules regroup assessment checklists common to all industries, allowing you to get a first snapshot of your value chain performance on 6 standard areas: Social, Health & Safety, Environment & Biodiversity, Climate Change, Business Ethics and Responsible Sourcing (e.g. monitor in your supply chain who implemented policies and objectives on their carbon emissions).
  • Our specialty modules are made of advanced industry-specific checklists allowing you to deep-dive in ESG topics which are particularly critical for you industry (e.g. traceability or animal welfare for the agri-food business, net-zero scope 1, 2 & 3 evaluations for oil & gas, etc.).

A customizable suite of solutions

The clarity suite of solutions allows you to steer your sustainability strategy internally. As such, it offers unrivalled customization possibilities. You can either choose to implement our default modules, which were created by our experts, or choose to swap existing items with questions of your own in order to suit your strategy.

If your activities require specific checklists, our team can create a bespoke clarity module that will fit your needs. Your sustainability strategy is unique. With clarity, you can make it actionable and trustworthy.

A digitally-supported process

Clarity relies on 3 different Bureau Veritas digital solutions:

  • The onboarding platform will help the key contacts in your value chain to start their assessment journey by creating their profile on our database.
  • The Maia+ portal will store the questionnaires and elements of proof justifying the provided answers in a documents library (pictures, videos, policies, report, etc.). It makes the exchange of information between Bureau Veritas and assessed entities easier.
  • MyRadar is the digital dashboard displaying the sustainability scores and the list of non-conformities of your assets, internal sites, suppliers, etc. with its very accessible user interface, MyRadar will help you visualize your ESG performance so that you can build a corrective action plan in a timely manner.

Our 190 years of experience in Africa enables us to offer our clients customized service.

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