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Dez. 10 2019

We received in Morocco, our first soil scanner to further develop precision agriculture in Africa.

The continuous measurements of the scanner combined with the agronomic analyses carried out by Labomag, agronomic laboratory based in Casablanca, make it possible to measure the type of soil, the organic matter, to produce descriptive maps of the soil and modulation maps, the NPK contents, etc.

A single platform then allows users to view the maps, make intra-parcel modulations and export them to connected agricultural equipment. This platform also allows customers to track their parcels every 5 days by satellite (NDVI, evapotranspiration...).

The first measurements were carried out on behalf of one of Morocco's largest agricultural operators, covering an area of more than 600 ha.

This first soil scanner aims to expand the range of services and to confirm Bureau Veritas’ commitment to being a leader in precision agriculture on the African continent. This new technology is in addition to the services already provided by the agronomic analysis market leader Labomag.

Labomag: a Bureau Veritas Group company

new soil scanner for precision agriculture

Step 1:
The soil scanner continuously measures plots, different types of soil, organic matter.

new soil scanner

Step 2:
The data sent by the scanner is then combined with the agronomic analyses made by Labomag.

precision agriculture in africa

Step 3:
Users have access to the single platform to view the maps, make intra-parcel modulations, track their parcels by satellite, etc.