World Environment Day celebration in Africa


World Environment Day celebration in Africa

Set. 3 2019

The World Environment Day was celebrated in Cameroon and Senegal.

In Cameroon, our team intervened with the members of CAFCAM (French Affairs Circle of Cameroon) on the theme: “More trees against air pollution, More certified forests for a sustainable world, Together for a healthy environment”.

On the 21st of June, as a continuity of the Environment day, the team participated in the community reforestation project on its site by planting trees. 

Environment day at Bureau Veritas in Cameroon

In Senegal, World Environment Day 2019 was held under the slogan "The quality of the air we breathe depends on our life choices".

The events were organized on Sunday 9th and Tuesday 11th of June 2019 in partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and the Executive Council of Urban Transport of Dakar (CETUD).

On the program, a hike that brought together hundreds of Senegalese to raise awareness of the risks of pollution and the inauguration of an air quality centre in the city of Guédiaway, in the suburbs of Dakar.

Environment day in Bureau Veritas Senegal

Our teams intervened during a presentation to fight deforestation and raise awareness among the population to adopt a more ecological behaviour.

The Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Abdou Karime SALL, invited the population to promote less polluting means of transport in order to contribute to the fight against air pollution.

The example of the Bus Rapide de Transit (BRT) project led by CETUD was highlighted.
According to the Environment and Classified Establishments Department (DEEC), one of the most significant impacts of the BRT project will be to contribute to the improvement of air quality in Dakar. Its commissioning, scheduled for 2023, will save 446,480 tonnes of CO2 over the period 2020 - 2035.