supplier audits

Supplier audits 


Supplier risk management is becoming a critical issue for companies large and small. Consumers increasingly demand that the products they buy are produced ethically. They are quick to call out issues in upstream supply chains, resulting in damage to a brand’s reputation.

Social responsibility audits and supplier risk assessment offer a rigorous process to identify and manage risks in your supply chain and protect your brand image. They enable you to set objectives, track progress over time and ensure your suppliers continually improve. Bureau Veritas offers audits to a wide range of industry standards as well as customized supplier audits. We have distilled our years of expertise into a compliance checklist which can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Social responsibility audits

Today, it is crucial for companies to be aware of what is happening in their supply chains, and have processes in place to manage social responsibility risks. Social responsibility is a key element of the business value proposition, and failure in this regard can severely impact financial results and brand image.

Bureau Veritas provides independent social responsibility audits to help brands understand the key sustainability issues affecting their business. Companies are better equipped to help their suppliers improve, as well as provide accurate social sustainability reporting. 


  • Raise awarness of social responsibility compliance risks

  • Leverage real-time data to enhance decision-making

  • Enhance working conditions for a healthier, more productive workforce

  • Benefit from Bureau Veritas' local auditors who understand culture, practices and regulations

  • Improve brand image by communicating about production processes

Code of conduct audits

Codes of Conduct define desired professional conduct according to a company’s mission and values. Bureau Veritas provides dedicated Code of Conduct audits to measure performance and support compliance with these important benchmarks. 

Today’s companies are well advised to have a Code of Conduct. It serves as an internal guideline to help employees consider ethical and compliance matters in decision-making. It also offers a public statement of the company’s commitment to high standards, reduces the risk of ethical misconduct and supports compliance with applicable legislation.

Falling within the broader category of social responsibility audits, Bureau Veritas’ Code of Conduct audits verify supplier compliance to company standards. We have audited thousands of suppliers globally on behalf of Fortune 500 companies. 


  • Enhance your reputation by ensuring adherence to conduct standards
  • Verify supplier compliance in four key areas: Quality, safety, environment and social and labor practices
  • Improve quality throughout the entire supply chain
  • Protect your brand by identifying major supplier risks
  • Create targeted audit programs focusing on the riskiest suppliers


As consumer facing businesses, pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies need to ensure their suppliers demonstrate responsible practices. Bureau Veritas performs supplier audits to a wide range of industry standards.

Environmental and ethical problems can easily arise in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Toxic materials, air filtration, water usage and sensitive clinical trials are a few examples of issues affecting the supply chain.

Bureau Veritas has extensive experience auditing pharmaceutical and cosmetics suppliers worldwide. We offer three audit schemes for pharma and cosmetics, as well as a specific scheme for organic cosmetics suppliers due to high demand for natural products. 


  • Benefit from bureau veritas’ extensive experience In social responsibility and environmental auditing
  • Ensure your suppliers comply With key sustainability requirements
  • Promote social responsibility In every aspect of the supply chain
  • Improve your reputation by demonstrating commitment to responsible business practices


Health & safety and environmental protection are critical issues in the high-risk chemicals industry. As a result, initiatives have emerged to target continual improvement in environmental and social performance and sustainable sourcing. Bureau Veritas provides supplier audits for two major industry initiatives, Responsible Care and Together for Sustainability.

Electronics & ICT audits

Electronics and ICT’s long supply chains mean that brands face a range of health & safety, environmental and ethical issues. Bureau Veritas provides audits to two Responsible Business Alliance standards.

The highly competitive electronics and ICT industries demand rapid product evolutions and fast-paced manufacturing operations. Employees often work long hours to meet the demand, and incidences of forced labor still occur, particularly in emerging economies. Meanwhile, these industries face environmental problems related to climate change, water usage and waste. Having eliminated many harmful chemicals from products, the electronics industry is turning its focus to proper care of chemicals used in the manufacturing process. 

Bureau Veritas offers customized audits for electronics and ICT companies covering upstream and downstream supply chains, from mining and smelting through to manufacturing. 


  • Demonstrate your commitment to improving working conditions in the supply chain
  • Understand the steps involved in reducing risk and improving social, environmental and ethical practices
  • Focus on root cause and continual improvement efforts
  • Reduce audit fatigue with a streamlined approach for responding to multiple customer audit requests
  • Benefit from Bureau Veritas’ extensive expertise in electronics testing, and rba-vap and rmi auditing