coal production monitoring


Production Monitoring

The ability to constantly and rapidly identify that production is meeting specification is extremely important to all producers. Changes in the coal feed influences yield and quality of the product. Constant monitoring protects the commercial viability of your operation.

Bureau Veritas offers production monitoring services via its existing comprehensive global network laboratories. We also partner with clients to establish on-site facilities that meet specific client needs (i.e. turnaround time and other technical on-site support).

Coal Production Monitoring services

Coal On-site Production Services

Bureau Veritas is flexible in its approach to establishing on-site facilities and will work with clients to meet specific needs. Typically Bureau Veritas provide our own testing and analysis equipment to establish a facility on the nominated operating site. The client usually provides the building and utilities. In some cases Bureau Veritas takes over the operation of our customers existing buildings and equipment and in these cases just labour is supplied

Coal Off-site Production Services

Bureau Veritas has the largest and most comprehensive strategically located laboratory network of any laboratory provider. This network stretches across coal communities enabling us to support coal production, exploration and superintending requirements both now and in the future. Bureau Veritas are able to guarantee delivery of a premium laboratory testing service as each of our laboratories are close to coal communities having REAL available capacity to deliver NOW on turnaround times. We are best positioned to support the coal industry in achieving growth and export objectives. Furthermore, Bureau Veritas believe that our ongoing investments and continual improvement in facilities, systems, laboratory equipment and procedures is another way in which Bureau Veritas can pass on productivity gains and savings to its clients.

In Australia our facilities are accredited to ISO IEC 17025:2005, including the NATA Supplementary Requirements for Chemical Testing. Our facilities are located within minutes of all Australian coal ports and coal producing basins and we are able to service every coal operation in QLD and NSW.