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Nov. 7 2023

In a remarkable achievement and demonstration of their commitment to sustainability, Bureau Veritas celebrated Kagem Mine for becoming the first organization in Africa to successfully implement the Clarity Solution by Bureau Veritas. The celebration took place on Thursday, November 2nd, in Kitwe, Zambia, alongside the Zambia International Mining & Energy Conference (ZIMEC 2023), and was attended by executives from Kagem Mining and Bureau Veritas Zambia.

Clarity is a suite of sustainability solutions by Bureau Veritas that assists organizations in evaluating their performance and maturity, enabling them to manage their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) roadmap and monitor the progress of their Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. With Clarity, organizations can transparently and credibly communicate their performance, contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and sustainability roadmap with the support of an independent third party.

Given that climate change represents one of the primary challenges of our era, there is an increasing call from society, businesses, regulators, and shareholders to accelerate emissions reduction and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Moreover, the urgent need to transition to greener and more inclusive economies is also pressing. Industries with high carbon footprints, such as mining, acknowledge their pivotal role in the energy transition and are setting ambitious sustainability targets, including net-zero goals, to steer them toward more sustainable operations.

Bureau Veritas offers support to organizations across various critical areas, encompassing Social Responsibility, Health and Safety, Environmental Impact, Biodiversity, Climate Change, Business Ethics, Responsible Sourcing, Animal Welfare, Energy Efficiency, and Waste Management. Kagem has successfully completed several Clarity Modules, including Responsible Sourcing, Business Ethics, Social  and Climate Change. 

A Celebration of Kagem Mine's Sustainability Journey

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Mashudu Lembede, the outgoing Country Chief Executive of Zambia, expressed, "We are extremely proud of Kagem for this achievement. We are here today not only to acknowledge and celebrate Kagem Mine's remarkable sustainability journey and dedication but also to commend a significant step in the broader global movement towards environmental and social responsibility."

“There is a growing demand for transparency regarding sustainable and socially responsible practices, not only in mining but also in other private sector operations. Companies are accountable to various stakeholders, including investors, customers, employees, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who seek to assess a company's impact on the world. It is crucial to demonstrate the company's responsibility in terms of Environmental Management, Social Investment and Performance, and Corporate Governance (ESG). Kagem prides itself on its ESG practices and has made substantial investments in promoting these three spheres: Environmental Management, Social Investment, and Performance Governance.” said Kagem Mine Chairman of The Board, Dr Sixtus Mulenga. 

"Kagem Mine's decision to embrace Clarity tangibly and measurably signifies their ability to monitor and validate their sustainability practices. This signifies that Bureau Veritas, as an independent entity, has assessed and validated the maturity of sustainability initiatives set by Kagem Mine to ensure that their operations are conducted in a sustainable manner," concludes Bertrand Martin, SVP of Africa at Bureau Veritas, Africa.