agrifood challenges


Bureau Veritas facing the challenges of certification in agri-food production

Oct. 30 2020

In an interview with The Africa Report on the challenges of self-sufficiency in food production, Marc Roussel, Senior Vice President Africa at Bureau Veritas said "Greater self-sufficiency in food production is an urgent priority for African countries as the foreign exchange used to pay for imports weakens".

Bureau Veritas to start investing in Africa in agri-food laboratories with the acquisition in 2018 of the Labomag group; laboratories offering testing and analysis of agri-food products in Morocco Aiming to expand its network of laboratories on the continent, discussions are underway to set up new laboratories in West and East Africa next year.

Bureau Veritas, renowned for its expertise in the certification of finished products, will now extend its food inspection services to the entire supply chain, which includes the inspection of soil and fertiliser quality.

Following the acquisition of the first soil scanner in 2017, Bureau Veritas offers so-called "precision agriculture" services. Ultimately, "analyses of pesticide residues in soils must be more widely adopted" throughout the network, says Marc Rousel.