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Bureau Veritas in Liberia Celebrates IWD 2023

Mar. 17 2023

Bureau Veritas in Liberia hosted a speaker from an international NGO called Kvinna till Kvinna in honor of International Women's Day.

What is Kvinna till Kvinna?

Kvinna till Kvinna has supported women’s rights in Liberia since 2010 and officially opened its country office in 2011. Kvinna till Kvinna believes in promoting gender equality from the bottom-up, supporting women and women-led organisations as agents for change, and fostering their unity through creating safe spaces for exchange and networking.

The speaker from this NGO discussed the significance of the day and the place of women in society with the female staff members. A donation to Rock of Devine Orphnage Home  was also made to celebrate the occasion. The three top pupils ( females ) at the orphanage received a year's worth of scholarships from Bureau Veritas.

A dinner for all the women marked the end of the day.

BV Liberia team and the guest

Bureau Veritas and the three top pupils

Women from BV Liberia

Women from Bureau Veritas Liberia