Jan. 25 2024

In a significant stride towards reinforcing controls at destination in Congo Brazzaville, Bureau Veritas is mandated for the implementation of the PCEC applicable to goods exported to the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville).

Bureau Veritas has been mandated for the implementation of the PCEC (Programme Congolais d’Evaluation de la Conformité) applicable to goods exported to the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville). This marks a crucial step in ensuring the quality and compliance of products entering the country.

All regulated products and related shipments shall be assessed prior export and shall be accompanied with a Certificate of Conformity (CoC) for Customs Clearance on arrival in Congo. This stringent process is designed to uphold the highest standards and enhance trade integrity.

Bureau Veritas Objectives

  • Consumer Protection: The primary goal is to protect consumers against dangerous, sub-standard, or counterfeit products. Bureau Veritas is committed to ensuring that products entering the Republic of Congo meet the highest safety standards.

  • Quality Improvement: Bureau Veritas aims Improve quality of products through compliance with applicable standards and regulations. This commitment extends to various sectors to enhance the reputation of goods originating from the Republic of the Congo.

  • Industrial Safeguard: Bureau Veritas seeks to protect domestic industry from unfair competition of poor-quality imports. This objective is crucial for fostering a fair and competitive market environment.

  • Trade Operations Ease: Recognizing the importance of smooth trade operations, Bureau Veritas aims to ease trade operations by recognizing existing conformity proof to avoid unnecessary re-testing. This approach is designed to avoid unnecessary re-testing, reducing operational complexities for businesses.

As a global leader in conformity assessment, Bureau Veritas continues to set new benchmarks for quality, compliance, and excellence in trade facilitation.