Press release

Significant innovation made by Seguce Togo 

Mar. 1 2023

In 2022, the Single Window for Foreign Trade has innovated again. 

The GUCE has experienced several developments during the year 2022, which have positively impacted the operations of Togolese foreign trade. These are : 

Removal of the Vu A Quai restriction 

With the removal of this restriction, economic operators can complete the formalities before unloading their containers, and thus get them out faster upon arrival. This change will save up to 48 hours on formalities. 

Integration of AIP operations 

The integration of the operations of the dry free port of the Adetikopé Industrial Platform has made it possible to fluidify its functioning and facilitate its integration into the logistics chain of the PAL. 

The integration of the Single Guarantee 

The integration of the payment of the single guarantee with the DFU allows for the speedy passage of goods through a single collection of the Road Guarantee Fund on behalf of both countries, thus reducing formalities and improving transparency and security of the payment and remittance of the guarantee. 

Separation of mixed manifests (containers and vehicles) 

The separation of manifests for bare vehicles and containers facilitates the handling and follow-up by the customs services in charge of each office, thus improving their productivity. 

Integration of the Chamber of Commerce Tax 

The integration of the collection of the Chamber of Commerce Tax into the DFU has allowed the CCI-Togo to simplify the collection of the tax and accelerate its payment, thus improving the transparency and security of the collection of this fee. 

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