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In order for companies to conduct business worldwide, certain standards and regulations must be met. Training and certification programs are resources which can help assist companies with global policy and compliance. Providing the proper training increases productivity and allows members to embrace new technology standards. Training allows clients to stay informed on current industry events and offer new Quality Assurance Inspection and Testing methods, standards, and techniques. Various different types of training options include: instructor led courses, certification courses, events and seminars, online training courses and others. Due to the growing demand of training seminars and certifications, Bureau Veritas has extended their services to both internal and external clients.


What type of training does Bureau Veritas offer?

Bureau Veritas provides training for CE Marking, Nondestructive Testing, Tank Container Inspections, High Strength Fasteners, Pressure Vessels and many more. The dynamics of ASME Codes & Standards, reliable and consistent training, and technical support help to increase productivity, efficiency and ultimately reduce cost. Our training inspection staff offers seminars on the benefits of CE Marking.

CE Marking. CE Marking symbolizes the conformity of a product that has passed the applicable requirements imposed on a manufacturer. The marking's significance implies that a product has conceded to the applicable community provisions and proper assessment procedures.

Nondestructive Testing (NDT). NDT involves the testing of a structure or component to detect flaws, measuring geometric characteristics, determining material structure and composition, and characterizing physical, electrical and thermal properties without causing damage. Nondestructive Testing Methods include: Liquid Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Testing, and Radiographic Film Interpretation.

Tank Container Inspections. In the US, the shipment of hazardous and dangerous goods must adhere to either CFR 49 or IMDG, to ensure that shipment containers have been inspected and are in compliance with these regulatory bodies.

High Strength Fastener Inspections. Seminars cover the pre-installation testing and inspection, the handling of fasteners during installation and post-installation inspections, High strength fastener training assures that fasteners (bolts, nuts, & washers) are specified, purchased, manufactured and installed according to specifications.

Pressure Vessel Seminars & Workshops.  Bureau Veritas’ OneCIS Insurance Company provides both one day overview seminars and more intensive week long work shops on both the ASME and NB codes. We also provide in-house training, reducing travel time and therefore optimizing the training investment.


Founded in 1828, Bureau Veritas is the worldwide leader specialized in QHSE & SA services. Certified to ISO 9001 for all of its activities throughout the world, the company has earned a large number of accreditations and notifications.

Knowledge and Expertise
Bureau Veritas currently staff experienced training instructors to provide training and seminars.

With more than 47,000 employees in 900 offices and laboratories covering 160 countries, Bureau Veritas is able to act quickly on its clients' behalf anywhere in the world.

Online Reporting Services
Our exclusive password secured extranet, BVNet, enables clients to monitor progress of their shop inspections worldwide. BVNet facilitates follow-up, speeds reporting, and can be customized to specific client needs


  • Who performs the training for each specified offering?


    • CE Marking – IRCA Certification Certified Quality Management
    • High Strength Fasteners – PE with ASTM affiliations
    • Nondestructive Testing – Level III Technician
    • Tank Containers – Per API Certification
    • Pressure Vessels Seminars & Workshops – Qualified instructors have extensive knowledge of ASME Codes & Standards


  • What are the key benefits of training?


    • CE Marking – Complying with CE Marking is a critical issue when launching a product .
    • High Strength Fasteners – Ensures fasteners meet the required specifications and are properly installed. Installation is easy, reliable and reduces future problems from occurring during the project.
    • Nondestructive Testing – Provides the inspector the ability to detect flaws with a high degree of accuracy and reliability.  Inspection will not cause damage to structures or components.
    • Tank Containers – Shipments carrying hazardous or dangerous goods will arrive at a destination without causing harm or delays.
    • Pressure Vessels – Training programs assist your company to keep your staff knowledgeable about the latest changes in the Codes & Standards.  Our training programs are value programs so you receive the training at a minimal cost.