Product Traceability platforms

Product traceability




The new digital supplier monitoring program

Safesupply is an easy to use, digital, collaborative platform helping food companies and their suppliers improve the quality throughout the entire supply chain.

How can safesupply help you improve your business performance?


  • Increase visibility towards your clients via an open, collaborative platform
  • Benchmark your performance and engage in continuous improvement programs
  • Make the best use of your time when sharing information and answering client requests


  • Get detailed knowledge of all your suppliers through individualized dynamic dashboards
  • Protect your brand by identifying major risks within your supplier network
  • Optimize your audit program budget by focusing on the riskiest suppliers

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Bureau Veritas food traceability solution

Origin gives access to the complete history of a product: where it comes from, how it was made and processed, and how its quality was preserved?

  • Give proof of the product's origin and quality
  • Increase trust by making visible all checks and audits done throughout the product lifecycle

Origin is based on an easy blockchain system, which is open, transparent, secured, and operates without central controlling device. With the blockchain technology, the full lifecycle of the product can be digitally replicated and shared among the different players. 

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