The project management



Guiding construction projects to successfully meet quality, time and budget objectives.

business Challenge

As large capital projects have become increasingly complex and risky, in a minefield of peripheral conditions, legal obligations, schedules, cost and resources constraints, owners request effective project management, reliability and dependability. In order to improve the probability of success, it is hence more and more crucial to identify and fix at the earliest stages potential quality and safety issues and minimise the risks of schedule delays, cost overruns or claims, from design to contracting to final inspections and commissioning.

Our Offer

What is Project Management Assistance?

Project Management Assistance is a full set of services designed to ensure that a construction project is completed on-time, within budget and according to specifications. It involves close collaboration between the client and the appointed Bureau Veritas project manager.

Bureau Veritas will provide independent professional advice and technical expertise to help its client monitor efficient contractor performance to maintain time, costs, quality and safety controls throughout the construction project duration.

What are the key benefits?
  • Alerts on potential issues or delays
  • Takes appropriate actions to monitor and solve problems
  • Respects time and budget targets
  • Meets required specifications and quality
  • Avoids loss and liability