Preshipment inspection (PSI) on a voluntary basis
for greater reliability in trade facilitation


Traders need to ensure about the specifications’ conformity of the goods they import.


What is PSI on a voluntary basis?

This service carried out Pre-shipment inspection on the buyer or on the seller request to make sure that the goods being shipped are in line with the contractual specifications. The inspection is based on visual aspects and appearance and can also include sampling of the goods.
The requirement of a Pre-shipment inspection can be required in the content of a Letter of Credit.
The PSI can also include the sealing of the containers.

What are the key benefits?

  • Facilitate and promote transparency in trading activities
  • Defend and protect the interests of the client
  • Ensure that goods conform to contract specifications
  • Avoid disputes between the buyer and the seller

Please make sure that country of destination is not subject to a mandatory Government Contract as the scope and the process could be different.


Bureau Veritas acts as a trade facilitation services provider on five continents and is one of the world's leading one 
for inspection services. 

Our Certification and Accreditation 

  • Bureau Veritas is certified ISO 9001
  • Bureau Veritas is certified ISO 17020

Our Network
Our global presence offers you the convenience of international expertise combined with local service where you need it.

Our Proven experience 
Bureau Veritas was founded in 1828 and has 28 year experience in trade facilitation services performed on behalf of numerous clients and governments entities.

Founding member of IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) 
The trade association for inspection agencies and other organizations that provide inspection, testing and certification services internationally. Bureau Veritas complies with the IFIA Compliance Code and PSI Code of Practice.


Is the inspection performed on 100% of the goods?
Usually the inspection is performed at random (sampling plan depends on the type of goods or on client specifications) but on client request, 100% can apply

What happen if the goods are not in conformity with contractual specifications?
The inspector issues a discrepancy report and the client is immediately informed by the Bureau Veritas office. In this case the client has to contact the supplier in order to implement corrective action on the goods.

Should the goods be packed prior to inspection?
Goods should be presented along with the packaging to be used. However, if the packaging does not allow the inspector to correctly identify the items, it would have to be reviewed and repacked under inspection control.

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