Becoming more energy efficient is an effective way to future-proof your business. By switching to decarbonized power sources and reducing overall energy use, you can minimize costs and prove your environmental credentials.

Businesses worldwide are facing a critical turning point in energy management, as climate change accelerates and energy prices remain volatile. Companies have two routes to lowering carbon emissions: by substantially reducing energy consumption, or switching to sustainable energy sources. 

With the ISO 50001 Energy Management System standard, you can monitor your energy consumption and unlock the potential for significant savings. Bureau Veritas provides Energy Management System certification, a process which supports you to improve your energy use and lower costs.


  • IMPLICATION: Develop a precise and concrete energy management policy by setting targets and objectives
  • EFFICIENCY: Measure and quantify / examine results in order to continuously improve energy management: implementation of actions to optimize energy consumption. The objective is to optimize behaviors in an eco-responsible approach
  • RESULTS: Get the assurance that your system allows you to optimize your consumption and expenses in a sustainable and efficient way and demonstrate to stakeholders your commitments