PAFC Certification

Consumers, companies, and public authorities are imposing more and more guarantees on the origin of wood and advocating practices that respect the environment and people. 


PAFC is the forest certification system that certifies good forest management and the traceability of wood and forest products from sustainably managed forests in Gabon. 

All PAFC certified forest products have been verified throughout their supply chains from origin to final destination.

This certification system has been developed and is managed by the PAFC Gabon association.

596 800 hectares of certified forests
2 500 customers trust us for their forestry activity


  • Cameroon forest
  • Road leading to our camp
  • PAFC certified woods


  • Strengthen existing commercial positions and conquer new markets
  • Protect forest resources and make a visible commitment;
  • Get a strong lever to differentiate your forest products and improve your brand image by adopting a consumer-friendly approach.
  • Provide a guarantee for the traceability and legality of forest resources.

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The FSC® certification scheme adds value to wood products that are the result of good forest management. It corresponds to the principles of sustainable development and best practices in forest management on the one hand, and the traceability of wood from these forests in industry on the other.

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What is the PAFC certification?

PAFC Gabon is a forest certification scheme that certifies effective forest management and the traceability of timber and forest products from Gabonese forests that are sustainably managed. The PAFC Gabon association created and manages this qualification scheme.
The PAFC Gabon forest certification program, which has been in development since 2005 with the help of national and foreign experts, is a basic document that defines the standards for the certification of forests and goods from sustainably managed Gabonese forests.
PEFC International recognised it in 2009, allowing PAFC Gabon certified wood to be identified globally under the PEFC name.
From their origin to their final destination, all PAFC-certified forest goods have been tested in their supply chains.

Who can benefit from PAFC certification?

PAFC Gabon forest certification is open to any concessionaire or manager whose forest has a management plan.
It is intended for companies that wish to communicate their sustainable forest management practices to their customers.

What are the main advantages of PAFC certification?

PAFC Gabon's mission is to support and enforce the Pan-African forest certification system's Gabonese scheme (PAFC).
In 2009, PEFC International approved the PAFC Gabon certification program, allowing PAFC Gabon certified wood to be listed globally under the PEFC name.

Why choose Bureau Veritas Douala?

Bureau Veritas Douala has a long history of certifying forest management programs and businesses that handle approved goods under various schemes (FSC®, PEFC, etc.), like PAFC Gabon.

We are accredited by a number of bodies, including ASI, COFRAC (Accreditation Cofrac n°4-0600 rev 0, Scope available on, and many others to offer certification services as an impartial third party, and we can meet your needs everywhere in the world due to our vast network.

More than 2500 clients have already put their trust in Bureau Veritas to manage their certification needs and provide them with a degree of confidence for their forestry operations.

Consult the document PAFC here

Consult the PAFC standard here


The woods' origins and legality

Ensure the legality of wood buying

Illegal wood has been at the heart of private and public wood supply policies for the past two decades. Governments and intergovernmental organisations take this challenge very seriously, enacting stringent legislation to combat unethical behavior.

These issues translate into an increasing demand for assurances of the legality of timber purchases at the level of timber sector operators, an aspect that cannot be separated from awareness of geographical origin.

OLB: A certificate of wood's legality

In response to client requests for a legitimate, third-party certificate regarding the legality of their wood, Bureau Veritas Certification established the OLB (Origin and Legality of Wood) scheme. It is based on:

  • a forest operator/manager certificate,
  • a chain of custody certificate for industrialists and traders.

The legality of wood certificate is dependent on forestry companies adhering to the reference frame for certification. This document outlines the requirements for complying with the laws governing timber management and exploitation, jobs, and worker protection, as well as the climate and the environment.
environmental sensitivity Furthermore, it focuses on the traceability of wood inside the business before it is sold or transformed for the first time.

The chain of custody referential is followed in the certification of wood processing and trading firms. This document outlines the requirements for obtaining the right to use the OLB mark on the goods of a company.

OLB is an international scheme based on the following principles:

  • strict and full legality; - a traceability provision tailored to forestry companies;
  • an easy-to-use and effective wood monitoring system (chain of custody).

Check the OLB documents here

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