BV Congo IDW 2022


Bureau Veritas in Congo celebrates International Women Day 2022

Mar. 14 2022

The women of Bureau Veritas in Congo, in collaboration with the women of Acténium, organized a forum on the occasion of International Women Day 2022.

who is Acténium ?

Acténium is a company specialized in the maintenance of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment...

What did the activity consist of?

The theme of the forum was "the future is feminist," as stated by the Congolese Ministry of Women's Promotion. The presentations made for the occasion were watched with interest by all of the women from the two companies.

Following the tribune, the women of Bureau Veritas in Congo donated a sewing machine to the ladies of the Cooperative of Handicapped Dressmakers, allowing the latter to reintegrate into society. This contribution is in line with UN Women's vision of gender equality and women's empowerment.


Sewing machine offered by BV Congo

International women day 2022, Congo

Women of Bureau Veritas

International women day 2022, Congo