Bureau Veritas

in Morocco will

carry out the


of Larache 2

Jan. 5 2022

Bureau Veritas has been chosen by the local prison Larache 2 to carry out the certification of its prison according to the United Nations minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners.

This certification, "a first and unprecedented achievement in the Maghreb and Africa", recognizes Larache 2's adherence to 465 human rights rules established in Morocco in collaboration with the United Nation Development Program (UNDP).

This step "reflects Morocco's commitment to respect international conventions and those of the United Nations relating to the protection of human rights, as well as respect for Law 23-98 on the organization and operation of prisons and its implementing decree" announced the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Rehabilitation. The labeling process of the Larache 2 took place in compliance with the health measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic.