Mozambican women's day 2022


Bureau Veritas in Mozambique celebrates Mozambican Women's Day

Apr. 26 2022

On April 7th, Bureau Veritas in Mozambique celebrates Mozambican Women's Day.

Bureau Veritas in Mozambique hosted a Webinar in collaboration with AIESEC in Mozambique, MUVA, and Be Girl, with the panel theme "Transformation of women and their challenges in leadership positions."

AIESEC is a global youth-led organization that strives to build peace and develop human potential by activating youth leadership skills and providing practical experiences in challenging environments.

MUVA is a program that works to secure a brighter economic future for disadvantaged young women in urban Mozambique.

Be Girl is a mission-driven design company that creates innovative, beautiful, and affordable products for womankind. 

The following were the main goals of the debate:

  • Examine women's resourcefulness and potential in the face of the many barriers that still exist due to gender differences;
  • To consider the insertion of women into the labor market in modern times as "a benefit to women";
  • Encourage women to step up to the plate and take on more leadership roles.

In addition to the webinar, Bureau Veritas provided all women with a capulana ponchet and a card to commemorate the day.


BV Women's with a capulana ponchet

Mozambican Women's Day 2022

BV women with celebration cards

Mozambican Women's Day 2022