BVM world's children day


Bureau Veritas in Mozambique celebrates World children's day

Jun. 20 2022

On 1st of June 2022, Bureau Veritas in Mozambique organised a social responsibility action with the main objective of celebrating children.

On the occasion of the World Children's Day, in partnership with ESSOR, an event was held at the Mafalala Museum, Maputo, especially dedicated to the celebration of World Children's Day, offering a memorable day for them. We had on this event, participation of employees who worked actively and creatively to celebrate and deliver the Children's Day.

The social action had as its objective: the development of the talents of the children, in this we had several activities such as:

  • Painting;
  • Traditional games;
  • Professional tests and issuance of identity cards for all interested participants.

The event was open to all children who wanted and could join the Museum. The event went in the best possible way, we were able to celebrate the children and make them the flowers that never fade.


BV team and children from ESSOR

World Children's Day

Painting made by the children of ESSOR

World Children's Day