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Bureau Veritas supports Bolloré Ports with green terminal label  

Sep. 16 2022

The Green Terminal label is committed to the terminals operated by Bolloré Ports. Today, eight of them are already certified. The success of this internal initiative could go beyond the company's concessions. In its approach, Bolloré Ports is supported by Bureau Veritas, an independent third party and specialist in laboratory analysis, inspection and certification.

In June 2021, Bolloré Ports officially launched the environmental labeling process for its terminals: Green Terminal. At the origin of the implementation of this process, the company's desire to go beyond legal and regulatory requirements in order to reduce its impact on greenhouse gases. » Three years earlier, we had launched the MAPS project, which consisted of identifying the positions emitting greenhouse gases at each terminal by means of a map collecting data relating to energy consumption; the objective being to study the opportunities, to identify ways of improving energy performance and to propose solutions in order to reduce the carbon intensity of our container terminals ”,says Olivier De Noray, Managing Director of Ports and Terminals at Bolloré Ports. This diagnosis was established with the help of the company EcoAct, an experienced partner of the ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance).

The Green Terminal concept is based on eight pillars:


  • The implementation of optimized management of the environmental management system.
  • A societal commitment with local stakeholders.
  • The construction of infrastructure in accordance with international standards and construction standards.
  • Investment in environmentally friendly equipment.
  • The development of digital transformation in terminals.
  • A strategy in favor of the circular economy for the collection and treatment of waste.
  • Control of water and air while preserving biodiversity.
  • Training employees in best practices

A label audited by Bureau Veritas

Following a call for tenders from inspection firms, Bureau Veritas was selected to put the low-carbon trajectory of port terminals into perspective. “As an independent third party, Bureau Veritas is responsible for carrying out audits based on the standard defined by the Green Terminal label in order to assess the performance of the port terminals operated by Bolloré Ports.

We salute this relevant and ambitious approach, which demonstrates the company's desire to make a commitment to the environment and which is perfectly in line with Bureau Veritas' DNA in terms of responsible progress", emphasizes Marc Roussel, senior vice- Africa President of Bureau Veritas.

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