Sorting of waste


Bureau Veritas in Togo alongside the AGR for the restoration of ecosystems

Jul. 9 2021

Bureau Veritas in Togo visited the Africa Global Recycling (AGR).

Within the framework of the World Environment Day placed under the theme of ''The Restoration of the ecosystems'', Bureau Veritas Togo visited the site of recycling of waste of the company Africa Global Recycling (AGR) which already intervenes with Bureau Veritas in Togo for the selective sorting of its waste.

AGR is a West African company that promotes the green economy by repurposing waste. Thanks to its innovative solutions, it provides companies with an offer combining economic and environmental performance. 

AGR presented the different phases of recycling from collection, sorting, and treatment of waste. This visit allowed the staff of Bureau Veritas in Togo to understand the importance of selective sorting in the restoration of ecosystems. "