Combat the pouring of petroleum products in Cameroon

Feb. 10 2020

As a part of a global mission to combat the pouring of petroleum products transported by tank wagons, Bureau Veritas in partnership with CAMRAIL, Cameroonian railway network, deployed a team of experts, in charge of oil cargo inspection.

This team monitors, evaluates, records and control the loss of petroleum products in transit by rail from Douala to Ngaoundere via Yaoundé and Belabo.

Loss control in a land transport environment is a key issue for organizations and governments. Determining the quantity loaded and comparing it with the quantity unloaded, conducting loss control investigations, monitoring the specific standard temperature and ensuring the electronic sealing of valves and hatches is carried out by Bureau Veritas to ensure that our client's business remains profitable.


Experts are monitoring the quantity and temperature of petrol in the wagon

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