Well-being action by BV Mozambique


Well-being action organized by Bureau Veritas in Mozambique for its staff

Jul. 18 2022

On July 5th, 2022, Bureau Veritas in Mozambique held a Well-being action with the main objective to make employees' spouses aware of the campaign against fatigue at work.

Allusive to the Fatigue management at work, an event was held at the Napela Complex, in Nacala, especially dedicated to have a tea session with the spouses of our employees to discuss about fatigue management, where we didn’t fail to emphasize, on the part, the importance of the family for success of this.

Together, we establish metrics of what each one can do to help our employees getting enough rest on their days off. The discussion was very interesting, the families were happy to see where the spouses work, and they had the opportunity to interact with their colleagues. 

On the other hand, our employees felt motivated and engaged to see their families around. It was an honor for us to hold this event and it was, definitely, a win win event to reduce accidents, engage employees and increase well-being at Bureau Veritas Mozambique, especially in Nacala, providing a memorable and pleased day for our valued guests.


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Moment of sharing between families

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