Tree plantation World Environment Day


World Environment Day

Jun. 5 2020

The world environment day was taking place the 5th of June for all Bureau Veritas’ teams.

In South Africa

A competition around recycling has been launched between employees. They had to create an everyday object from packaging and waste that we usually throw away.

In Nigeria

The teams organized a tree plantation near the Apapa office in Lagos, Nigeria.

The day started with raising awareness among all teams of the importance of trees in the environment and the adoption of a greener lifestyle. After this discussion, the whole team participated in the planting of trees and symbolically planted one within the premises of Bureau Veritas.

World environment togo


The CCTVA, the Technical Control Center for Motor Vehicles in Dakar, organized a user awareness day on the maintenance of their engine. When passing through the technical control, an informative note on the degree of pollution of the vehicle is given to each owner. However, this note does not currently provide for any limit or counter-visit imposed on the most polluting vehicles. In order to raise awareness and increase everyone's consciousness, the center's experts gave technical advice to each polluting vehicle owner, in particular on the maintenance of their engine.



The teams mobilized on the theme of preserving biodiversity. After an awareness day by a team of professionals, employees were invited to sort office waste and allow their recycling in specialized centers. All teams were encouraged to share these new habits in their homes. It is through collective awareness that we will protect our environment.