Fishery observation



Independent fishery observers to help you ascertain the catch and effort level of your fishing vessels.


The objective of a fishery observation program is to collect unbiased data (technical, regulatory, scientific or economic data) from fishing vessels. Data that is obtained aboard fishing vessels cannot be gathered from surveys at landing points. Such programs have therefore become essential for the implementation of an effective management system that ensures the sustainable use of living marine resources.


Oceanic Développement, known for its specialization in the fishery industry, joined Bureau Veritas in 2011. With over 15 years of experience in observation programs and fishery controls, it provides expertise and technical assistance to a wide variety of stakeholders in the fishing industry: fishery administrations, the European Commission, regional fishery management organizations, fishermen associations, scientific institutes and more. We have an experienced coordination unit and a devoted team of observers trained specifically for every type of fishery observation program.


  • Improve the availability and the quality of catch data for scientific stock evaluation
  • Better accountability of target catch, by catch and accidental capture, in terms of species identification, quantity and catch location
  • Test of selectivity of fishing gears
  • Halieutic and environmental follow-up of particular fishing areas (offshore wind farm project, aggregate extraction)
  • Better compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Participate actively in the fight against IUU fishing and harmful fishing practices
  • Help to guarantee that fishing resources are used responsibly
  • Improve trust and transparency with a voluntary, unbiased and independent fishery observation program, while guaranteeing confidentiality
  • Build long-term relationships with professionals and set up a relationship between professionals and scientists